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I just visited New York City, where my husband and I found the BEST restaurant. It's called Eataly, and the food was delicious. We were excited to learn that Mario Batali from Iron Chef is one of the owners. I was starstruck, and kept hoping I would catch a glimpse of him! The food was a little messy, but of course I always keep a TowTab roll in my purse! Our friends were all amazed by the product! All in all it was a great experience!

from Emily
Montreal, QC - November 22, 2012


Oops, I did it again!

Hi, my name is Vela! I'm a new addition to my family. Since I'm so little, so is my bladder, and I can't always hold it in! The other day I didn't make it outside in time. My dad wasn't too happy, but luckily he had thought of his TowTabs and was able to clean up the mess in no time. Now, whenever I make a mess my dad is at the ready. He is the TowTab King! 

from Vela
St Sauveur, QC - November 13, 2012



I recently discovered a restaurant with the best pizza I've ever had. There was a secret ingredient here that I never would have thought of... honey! You pour some oil and honey on your slice, and the combination is magical. Although we all agreed that this was absolutely delicious, everyone also complained about the mess afterwards. We were all covered in oil and honey, and napkins weren't doing the trick on our sticky hands. That's when I remembered I had brought my TowTank! With the water all ready to go in the tank, we were all cleaned up in no time. I'll be bringing my TowTabs next time I eat there!

from Jen
Edmonton, AB - October 02, 2012


I'm the Queen of the mountain!

On a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies, I had one goal: to climb the biggest mountain! After putting this off until the very end of the trip, my friends and I finally gathered the courage to make the trek. It was long and strenuous (one of us barely made it!), but we finally got to the very top. Thank goodness we had TowTabs to cool us off on the way up. With the sun beating on us all day, they were an absolute life saver! I'm definitely bringing them on all my hikes from now on.

from Amber
Ottawa, ON - September 25, 2012


Camping Trip


My husband, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law all went camping for the Canada Day long weekend up in Niagara with our kids. While we were gathering our things my 4 year old daughter Lydia reminded me to bring the Tow Tabs. Good thing we did! While she was eating her ice cream it started dripping all down her hands! Her cousin Nathan came to the rescue and cleaned her off! Not without testing the Tow Tabs out on himself first because he thinks they are...and I quote: "The coolest things ever!". They were perfect for our camping trip. So much so we ran out of the entire box of 50. Every day we seem to find a new use for these bad boys! They're a lifesaver! 


from Alana
ON - September 17, 2012


Caught in the Rain

During a short hike last weekend, my friends and I got caught in a sudden downpour. When the rain finally let up we were all soaked and disgruntled. Luckily, I brought along a roll of TowTabs! My friend, Greg (pictured), had never seen these in action before, and he couldn't believe what this little tablet became! Once we were all wiped up, the mood definitely lifted, and the day was saved. Thanks!

from Rachel
Guelph, ON - September 10, 2012


TowTank on an Airplane

Flying can be such a nightmare. Especially when you're coming down with a cold, and have a headache to top it off. Unfortunately, I was in just this situation on my way home from vacation. Thankfully I remembered to pack my TowTank. It got through security without a problem since it holds under 100 ml of water, and it was a lifesaver on the plane! I left the cool, soothing cloth on my forehead during the flight and it worked wonders on my headache. I'm so happy I picked up this great little invention!

from Becky
Montreal, QC - September 04, 2012


My Puppy Paw Injury

Hi. My name's Freddy! My dad posted another tale about me a few weeks ago. I love TowTabs. I love when my dad cleans my ears (as you already know) but even more, I love that TowTabs make me feel better when I get hurt.

This weekend I ripped my Paw when playing frisbee with my dad. He didn't know or even see because I'm so fast!! But I did, and it really hurt. Since I don't speak english, he didn't know it was bothering me for a few hours. I was licking and licking to try and stop the pain but nothing worked. Thankfully my auntie looked a little closer at what I was licking and she noticed my cut (GASH!!) grandpa was out, and we coulnd't find his First Aid Kit anywhere! TADA!! My dad thought of the best idea, he got out a TowTab, poored a little bit of water on it and tied me up real good. Not only was it safe from my licking it and making it worse, but it was really soothing too!! Thanks Dad and Thanks TowTabs!

from Freddy
Montreal, QC - August 29, 2012


Coffee Spill

My daughter is hilarious, she's been snapping photos of TowTabs for the website for the past few weeks, she's really trying to document everything to do with TowTabs lately - spread the word so to speak. So, there we were, having a nice quiet breakfast and suddenly I spill my Espresso all over the table! I jump to get TowTabs, and she jumped to get her cell phone to document this! It was a hilarious scene to watch - both diving out for separate reasons, but equally as fast! So, as you can see - the TowTabs completely absorbed the Coffee and the spill was no longer an issue! It took only 2 Tabs and didn't even fill them up entirely, not to mention my wife didn't have to see the drama - FEW! These things are great. This was a total "TowTabs to the rescue" moment for sure.

from Harvey
Montreal, QC - August 27, 2012


TowTabs at the Office!

I saw that people keep sending photos and stories into the site and I wanted to share how much I love TowTabs too! See? I have them on my desk all the time. This is an older product (from what I've been told it's not sold anymore)…so I guess I have a part of TowTab history with me! This was called the TowBank and it has a water reservoir inside that you push to release water onto the TowTabs. I love it - people are always coming up to me in the office and asking for one. Luckily I have the refills in my drawer - always ready!

from Alex
Toronto, ON - August 23, 2012


TowTabbing Road Trip

We were on our way back from Calabogie Blues Fest where Tow Tabs was a sponsor. There were 6 of us in the car including my 3 year old daughter. I had given her an ice cream to keep her satisfied so we could all get a 5 minute nap in. That didn't last too long when she yelled: "I NEED A TOW TAB!!!" waking us all up! Thankfully we had some on us and she was clean as a whistle! Thanks Tow Tabs!

from Alana
Toronto, Ontario - August 21, 2012


Camping with TowTabs

I just spent my summer vacation roughing it out with my boys - we went camping and it was amazing. We went to La Vérendrye, QC for a total of 5 days. I have to say, I didn't know what TowTabs were until this amazing trip. My friend brought a box of 50 Bulk - and they were life savers. I've been camping for a long time, and this product has totally changed my experience. It's durable, reusable and compact. They are the #1 product to take on camping trips. Cleaning dishes, washing your hands, cooling down, going on hikes...the list goes on. If you don't know how great these products are, do yourself a favor and get some, bring them on your next camping trip - you'll be thankful you had them!

from Shawn
Montreal, QC - August 20, 2012



I found a pretty cool way to use my TowTabs this week and my dog LOVES it! My dogs name is Freddy, and he's a happy boy. My son rescued him just over a year ago and he's clicked into our family within seconds. So, naturally, we like to take care of the little guy. It seems he was hard of hearing because of the wax build-up in his ears! TADA! TowTab to the rescue. I took one out and slowly started to clean his ears. It worked amazingly. Not only that, but he was totally comfortable with it. I feel safe using a TowTab on his fragile ears because they are clean, soft and they have nothing in them but water. Now when I take one out, he knows and he comes to me...he loves it! He can hear better and just look at that smile!!

from Zach
Montreal, QC - August 15, 2012


BBQ Chicken!

My husband has become an AVID user of TowTabs over the years and he's influenced myself and our kids! There isn't one meal that goes by where TowTabs aren't present - thanks to my hubby! At our house, in restaurants, friends houses, BBQs, name it, he's there ready with a TowTab or two!

I decided to snap a few pics at our dinner this past weekend. He just sprawls them out on the table for us to use and I have to say I'm grateful for that! I absolutely love them! The best part is knowing that they are 100% biodegradable. I'm always on the hunt for cool eco-friendly proucts and this is by far the best one yet! Now I carry TowTabs in my purse, in my car...they've become second nature to our family!

"Set the table honey, plate, fork, knife, glass, napkin - nope! TOWTAB!"

from Lisa
Montreal, QC - August 14, 2012


TowTabs Tennis Tale

My boyfriend was in a tennis tournament this weekend. As per usual he was kicking some serious butt! However, one rally got the best of him. Let's just say he was a bit of an over achiever and didn't want anyone to get a point off of him. He over committed to say the least and completely did a Fred Flinstone and wiped out! Girlfriend to the rescue! I ran over with my TowTabs and his water bottle and I was able to place a cool towel on his scrapes. Everyone thought I was the Martha Stewarts' of girlfriends after that! Thankfully he's okay and managed to win the match (Yay!) But he couldn't have continued without the strength and support of the Tow Tabs!

from Jordana
Toronto, Ontario - August 13, 2012



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