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Calabogie Blues & Ribs Fest 2012 (Part 2)

August 20, 2012

Over the weekend, TowTabs had the pleasure of sponsoring a very exciting event in Calabogie Ottawa: the Calabogie Blues & Ribs Fest. What a success! The sun was shining, the music was pumping, the ribs were yummy and everyone’s fingers were clean – thanks to us! More than 20’000 people attended this event, which made it incredibly busy and exciting.

The mood was great, the spirits were high and everyone was simply having a great time! We were so happy with the reaction to our product – everyone loved them! “Can I have another TowTab!?” people were often asking around! To no surprise, we went through all our samples, so the word defeintely got out about our nifty product.

You can see we took tons of photos. Here are just a few to give you an idea of how great the event really was! The TowTabs were spread out on all the ribs tables, and when people were finished chowing down, they were happy that TowTabs were there.  

Did you attend the calabogie event? Do you have pictures to share with us!? Don’t be shy, send them in to

Calabogie Blues & Ribs Fest.

August 13, 2012

Lookout for TowTabs at the Calabogie Blues & Ribs Fest in Ottawa this coming weekend! We are extremely proud to be one of the many sponsors for this amazing event. We hope you enjoy getting to know our products there, and remeber to send in your pics and tales to the website! We love hearing from our amazing supporters! Take care and have fun!

OSHEAGA 2012 with TowTabs

August 6, 2012

This weekend, we asked via Twitter for our strong TowTab supporters to document their weekends with TowTabs. We gave out plenty of samples and here are just a few photos that we've received over the weekend. Rain or Shine ... TowTabs definitely helped keep this crowd cool, calm and collective!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send in their photos!

Biking Trip 2012

May 2, 2012

A family friend sent us some photos from a biking trip, where TowTabs came in handy!T his bike trip was organized through Premier Studio Powerwatts club. It was an 8 day training camp in Tucson Arizona. It included 16 riders with 5 powerwatts coaches. It was a very hilly and challenging ride but as she shared with us, it was worth it! With so many beautiful rides, they rode 80 to 139Km each day! (Except the 2 days when it poured/snowed!! Quite the experience I’d say!) You can see in their photos, TowTabs were there to help keep them cool, freshen them up and of course…their bikes too! She was extremely happy to have TowTabs join them for the ride!

TowTabs in Africa!

March 15, 2012

A family friend of ours had the opportunity to travel to Africa just a few months ago. While she was there, she expressed how useful the TowTabs really were...a godsend! Water is a scarce commodity in Africa, and this is a perfect example of how "a little water, goes a long way!" The reaction was great - everyone was astounded by it's functionality. They couldn’t believe how incredible the quality was and how much they were able to do with just ONE!

TowTabs; Around the Globe

November 10, 2011

The TowTab is a remarkable item with many uses, but one of the greatest use for a TowTab is undoubtedly Travel. TowTabs are compact and biodegradable – should you be going on a safari or a business trip, TowTabs are definitely an item you’ll want in your carry on. We brought our TowTabs on a few trips with us, and below are some photos to show off! Everyone around the globe reacts the same to this remarkable item: amazed. We are proud to ship TowTabs all over the globe, and keep working on the journey to educating everyone about this item. We encourage you to take photos of you and your TowTabs around the globe and post them to our “TTales” section (TowTab Tales!). Tell us your story – how did you find out about TowTabs? What was your first reaction? Where are you from and how are they useful to you and your lifestyle? TowTabs wants to know all the details! So, be sure to take photos and start uploading! 

Canadian Living

November 30, 2010

House & Home

November 30, 2010

Girl-A-Whirl; TowTabs

November 30, 2009

Just like those tiny animals that grew to 100 times their size when dropped into a bathtub that Girlawhirl remembers from her youth, she can’t get over how what appears to be an oversized vitamin can transform itself into a washcloth-like towel ready for the task at hand...

Just for the sheer spectacle of watching TowTabs expand, Girlawhirl’s already gone through a roll of ten of them. She just sprin- kles a few drops of water (1/2 oz is what’s recommended) on the tablet, and there it goes. First it gets taller, and from there Gir- lawhirl can unroll it to its full size, about 8 by 10 inches. She’s carrying them everywhere now, from her gym bag to her carry-on, and they’re right there in her top drawer at the office. If she happens to knock over a drink on her desk, it’s already absorbing the mess as it ex- pands. Girlawhirl first spotted TowTabs at an airport newsstand, but now she orders them in bulk – 10 rolls of 10 – online. Girlawhirl Giveaway! TowTabs are part of this week’s Girlawhirl Giveaway! You’re already registered if you’ve signed up once and have a girlawhirl login. Not registered? sign up.

Products to Make Travel Easier- Finally!

November 30, 2009

My best friend Wayne starts a new job tomor- row (after being laid off from a big high-tech firm only 2 weeks ago), which is going to involve a lot of travel, something that he has done very little of up until now. My friend Cindy is moving to Toronto from Lon- don, but may still have to work in London for awhile so she’ll be commuting back and forth, poor thing.

So this got me to thinking – how can I make travel easier for these folks, and you too? And I’m hop- ing to do way more travelling this year and next for writing, so I went in search of some items to help you navigate between home and work and home and the rest of your life. I hope it helps. Safe travels! And for taking with you on the plane or in your bag, I recommend TowTabs. They come in a tube package like Rolaids, but just a bit bigger and each package contain 10 facecloth-sized tow- els that plump up as soon as you add just a few drops of water! You can use them after a meal (so luxurious!) or on the plane to freshen up or to wipe down your bags after they’ve been rolling around the bottom of the plane for 10 hours.

The uses for these amazing little puppies is end- less, but it gets even better – they are made of pure, all-natural fiber pulp, are free from chemi- cals and perfumes and are biodegradable, recy- clable and reusable! Once you’ve tried them, TowTabs will become as essential as your packing enough underwear and remembering your passport! And as you know, I travel with a lot of technology (and it doubles when my fella comes along!), so I am always in need of keeping my smartphone, computer, mp3 player (and every other gadget I’ve got going on) charged. I found all I need in the iGo everywhere and iGo powerXtender.

Clever Towel in a Pinch!

November 30, 2009

Wait, don’t eat that roll of mints! They’re actually “towel tablets”. TowTab is a strange and clever product, and amusing. Add water and a tablet turns into a towelette. We can think of all kinds of uses for these moist wipes. Toss TowTabs in a purse or diaper bag, or stash in a first-aid kit. On toad trips, wipe off a messy kid or “wash” fruit. Add lemon juice in place of water and you’ve got the towelette equivalent of a finger bowl. Add rosewater, then dab your face to freshen up. Use half vinegar / half water and go wipe a window. You just need two teaspoons of liquid.

Marketers boast that TowTabs are made from vegetable fibre, sans chemicals, strong enough to reuse, but biodegradable, and, of course, com- pact. They come in rolls of 10. an online kitchenware shop based in Ottawa, sell them for $2.95 a roll, or %7.50 for three, $19.95 for 10, plus shipping and handling. - Susan Sampson

Purely Natural Living

November 30, 2009

Have you seen the TowTabs in our store? This is a re- ally useful and versatile item that everyone can use. A TowTab is an instant towelette. It comes in tablet form – small, round and compact. You just add 15mls of water directly to the tablet and watch it expand instantly. Just unroll it and you have a large, moist towelette ready to use. Once it is opened up the tow- elette measures 20cm x 25cm – much larger than the usual towelettes available.

These are excellent for travelling and take very little water to activate. Add some to your first aid kit or just carry them in your handbag. The tablets are small and won’t take up a lot of room. They come in a handy little refillable case which holds 6 towelettes or in a roll of 10 that is shaped like a roll of lollies. They are so easy to take wherever you go. Add them to your picnic hamper or BBQ kit. Take them to sport- ing events or on family days out. They will wipe up spills, clean sticky fingers and deal with grazes. They are quite strong so you can reuse them. They will clean more than one set of sticky fingers. Best of all TowTabs are environmentally friendly. The towelette is made from cellulose which is extracted from wood pulp. They contain no chemicals or dyes so they are biodegradable and can break down in around 3 weeks.

These are so cheap, convenient and useful that every- one should keep a roll or two of TowTabs handy. You can get them from Purely Natural Living, today. Posted by Rebekah Ryan at 12:54 PM

Chick Advisor; Love It. Share it. Rate it.

November 30, 2009

“These towelettes are amazing! They take up no more room in your purse than a roll of mentos but are strong enough to reuse if needed! All you need do is add water and the tablet turns into a towelette. I take them with me everywhere I go. In a restaurant they quickly clean ketchup and chocolate off sticky faces without being to rough. At the soccer field, they carefully clean blood off skinned knees, and best part, they fit perfectly into a water bottle’s lid! Just set it in and pour water into the lid. The towelette expands and ab- sorbs the water. No fuss, no muss!”

“I agree, these are ingenious. It looks like a roll of mints, but really it’s tightly folded towelettes that you add a little water to and voila! What’s so smart about it is you can keep a roll in your purse while taking up less space than a pack of gum. Who thinks of these things? Love it!”