Everyone remembers his or her first time seeing a TowTab! As if it were magic, this small ¾-inch diameter TowTab unfolds into an all-natural 10” × 12” towelette…ideal for practically anything! TowTabs, sold in North American airports, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and service stations, are available in a variety of formats.View our “Products” section to learn more about what TowTabs have to offer!

TowTabs are proud to be different from the other disposable wipes on the North American market. We use an all-natural rayon product, which is derived from cellulose extracted from wood pulp. This means that TowTabs are completely biodegradable, in as little as four to six weeks, with little to no environmental impact when used with water alone. That’s right! TowTabs contain no harmful chemicals or dyes and can also be reused. We’re also proud of the fact that we use substantially less material in our packaging than other wipes you currently see on the market.

Two important issues lie at the root of a TowTab, the eco-friendly environment that we live in and everything being compact. Our world has become a haven for eco-friendly products. Not only that, being in such a fast-pace world, where things come and go as quickly as they do, we wanted to bring something to the market that would live forever. We thought of our society and how the modern world works, and the idea came to us! People these days don’t want to be bothered with big, heavy products that take up too much space. Our society was ready for something new, something innovative, captivating. Being in an age where the window of opportunity is so small, we had to create something that wouldn’t need much attention, but would “WOW” people within a only a few seconds of viewing it. The idea of the digital world, where personal electronics have become so convenient to carry, that they’re simply always by your side was something we wanted to mimic. Cell phones, for example, over time became these flat, small objects that are practically always on you. By imitating that process, compacting the tissues into TowTabs, a new way of staying clean was invented. Creating something that was almost too convenient was the trick. Today, you can always carry a TowTab in case you need it; so small, so compact, so perfect!

We can honestly tell you that we’ve never been more excited than we are to have introduced TowTabs onto the market. Being compact and biodegradable are only two great aspects of this incredible product!